joi, 4 noiembrie 2010

20 things I love...

  1. the feeling that I get after I laugh so hard I can't breathe
  2. sitting on the beach after dark
  3. listening loud music with the windows down on warm days
  4. singing badly, even if I dont't have a...beautiful voice:))
  5. talking to pets like they really understand me
  6. be hugged
  7. staying up too late to talk to my friends
  8. ...when my bed is the most comfy place in the world and I don't have to leave
  9. horror movies
  10. Disney
  11. gorgeous movie soundtracks
  12. jokes that make no sense
  13. fluffy snow
  14. pristine, beautiful, blue lake
  15. ocean
  16. good news
  17. my name
  18. handball
  19. animals, even the wild ones
  20. you!

5 comentarii:

  1. Tu de cand si de ce te-ai dat pe engleza? sau, la cate cursuri avem in limbi straine nici nu ti-ai dat seama? :))))

  2. E o regula ca trebuie sa scriu numai in romana?:D

  3. Promit ca in viitorul apropiat o sa scriu si in franceza si spaniola si o sa o pun pe Anda sa ma corecteze:>:D

  4. iti las o maimutareala :))